Daughter Alchemy was created in 2018 by Janeen Locker, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice with over 25 years of experience treating trauma in adolescents and adults.  She started the handblended product line inspired by the beneficial effect of aromatherapy she experienced while going through a painful divorce and with the aim to fund her two daughters’ college tuitions.  She named the line Daughter Alchemy to mark the alchemical change she experienced within herself when she became a mother and to honor all women who share the common experience of being daughters.


Organic & Wild Harvested  |  Cruelty-free  |  Paraben-free |  Phthalate-free

I formulated these sprays and oils from my experience as a licensed clinical psychologist working full-time for many years in a private practice focusing on stress and trauma. Believing in our inherent ability to heal, I use them on myself, with my patients, and through the journey of raising my two children.

We are living in an increasingly crowded world while simultaneously becoming more open. People invade our space. Daughter Alchemy products allow us to clean our space and claim it energetically.  These therapeutic grade oils of plants aid during times of stress as a vehicle of self-care, grounding and nourishment.