Meet Janeen Locker, PhD

Founder + Formulator

Dr. Locker is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides new skills and empowering strategies to adolescents and adults through psychotherapy. With over 25 years of education and experience in her field, she guides patients to make the transformations they want for themselves by using cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis and EMDR (EMDRIA certified practitioner).

She has completed both APA approved predoctoral and postdoctoral internships through Yale University. In addition, she enjoys being a consultant in her areas of specialization to other mental health professionals and the media. She has always been drawn to scents and aromatherapy dating back to when she worked in health food stores during her 20s. She received training in aromatherapy and began handblending essential oils for mood after using them herself while going through a painful divorce.

She started Daughter Alchemy in 2018 with the hope that her products can be used as an additional coping tool to facilitate deep connection to the natural world and ultimately to your resilient self.

More On Aromatherapy

Often people who have experienced trauma develop a high perceptive ability to feel things in their environment. The feel of the physical space therefore becomes important for well-being. I developed my sprays in service of helping others create sacred space and increasing personal vitality.  I formulated the oil blends to help regulate mood and sized them to be travel friendly. I used rollerball tops so you can apply them directly from the bottle to the skin.  No need to rinse your hands when applying them.

Certain smells can help to regulate emotions since the nose connects to the olfactory bulb in the limbic system.  This part of the brain is also known as the emotional center.  There are times when we are overwhelmed and do not have access to interpersonal support. The plants are always there and available to you. These products are made in small batches by hand with the intention that every ingredient be healing for the mind, body and spirit. I have used only certified organic oils in my blends; some rare plants are not able to be sourced as certified organic and in that case, I have used ones that are wild harvested.

For information on the research of aromatherapy’s benefits click here.


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